Buying or Selling? You Need the Right Realtor®

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Buying or Selling? You Need the Right Realtor®
Imagine you needed spinal surgery. It’s life-changing and scary, but if done correctly could positively enhance your life. Would you feel more comfortable being operated on by someone who’s done it hundreds of times, knows the ins and outs of a surgical suite, and can repair your pain with confidence, or would you be fine with a surgeon who just graduated from medical school and has only performed a handful of surgeries but maybe doesn’t cost as much as the more tenured surgeon? 
If you chose the former, you’re not alone. While buying and selling a home may not be as physically excruciating as spinal surgery, it is an incredibly emotional, personal, and financially impactful choice. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. 
Here are three things to look for when hiring your next real estate agent. 
  1. How long they’ve been an agent. Remember the surgeon example above? Tenure matters. Having an agent who’s been buying and selling homes in your market for a while means that they know trends, prices, and cultural nuances that may vary even neighborhood by neighborhood. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home is a huge decision, so you should feel confident relying on a Realtor® who has your best interest at heart. Their connections to other Realtors® in the area are critical, too. They have a pulse on what’s available, recent comps, and even connections to home inspectors and contractors. 
  2. Their eye for design. Buying and selling real estate may seem like a pretty straightforward financial decision on paper, but staging matters. Having an agent who you can consult on staging, decluttering, and design can mean the difference between getting your home sold quickly or sitting on the market for an extended period. For example, you should trust your agent when they tell you to remove pictures from the wall. They’re not trying to stifle your individuality but want potential buyers to see your home as theirs
  3. Their knowledge of your community. Every city has up-and-coming neighborhoods. Migration patterns in the US have changed dramatically over the last three years, and neighborhoods that may have been deemed unglamorous a few years ago are suddenly seeing a surge of potential buyers. Having an agent that knows communities intimately can be a valuable asset when determining a listing price for your home or even where to put an offer on a new home. For example, an agent acutely aware of patterns and trends in North Denver may not be the right agent to use when you’re looking to buy or sell in South Denver. Knowing who the experts are on national trends, as well as neighborhood trends, is critical. 
Finding the right agent is a huge undertaking. Buying and selling a home is so personal and has such huge financial ramifications that it can’t be taken lightly. If you’re ready to work with a knowledgeable, fair, and experienced agent, reach out to Melody! 949-401-7033.

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