Tips For Adding a Pool and Spa To Your Laguna Hills Home

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Tips For Adding a Pool and Spa To Your Laguna Hills Home
It may not be high on the priority list right now with the cold weather we have been experiencing, but we all know that one of the perks of living in Southern California is that warmer temps are always around the corner! 
If you have been considering adding a pool and/or spa to your Laguna Hills home, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. Read on for some important information if you are considering this kind of addition.
The requirements to add a residential swimming pool/spa are pretty straightforward if you follow the checklist on the City of Laguna Hills website. 
However, if any items are missing or overlooked, you can expect a delay in obtaining your permit. Therefore, make sure that all of these items are completed and submitted to the City with your plans:
  1. Site Plan: This should include your lot dimensions, property setback lines, the dimensions of your building/structure, any easements, details of all existing structures, and the location of where your pool equipment will go.
  2. Structural Plans: Be sure your structural plans include clear and enlarged details.
  3. Design Professional’s Stamp: Every single page on each set of plans will require a wet stamp by your Design Professional that is signed. This is in order to issue a permit.
  4. Engineer’s Structural Calculations: This requirement is exclusive to gunite pools and spas; however, two sets of these calculations must be submitted with the engineer’s stamp on each page. Additionally, the engineer’s stamp must appear on the site plan.
​​Be advised that all pools and spas will require a pre-site inspection before a building permit is issued.
The fees for pool and spa permits vary depending on what type of materials you plan to use, in addition to the size of the pool or spa you’re installing. For more information about fees, please visit:
Your Design Professional and Engineer will assist you with the details to ensure your project is up to code. But if you’re interested in reading more about the various safety features that will be required, information about the location of your pool or spa, heating mechanisms, etc., you can read more here:
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