Tips for Preparing To Move With Pets

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Tips for Preparing To Move With Pets

Moving is a stressful time for humans, so you can imagine how much stress it places on your four-legged family members. Just think about when you pack your suitcase to travel! 

Even the most minor changes to a pet’s routine can cause them to panic a bit. If you have recently sold your home or you’re planning on moving down the street or across the country, here are some tips to keep in mind that will help keep things a bit more organized and safe.

Create An Overnight Kit For Your Pet

You might be familiar with an “Open First” box when you’re moving. This is the first box you’ll open when you move in, and it’s usually packed with immediate-need essentials like toilet paper, hand soap, disposable plates, cutlery, etc. You get the point! Well, creating an overnight kit for your pet follows the same logic. Group items together that you know you will need, like food, bowls, potty pads, cat litter, toys, grooming implements, and so on. This will be a lifesaver during those first few days of unpacking.

Put In A Call To Your Vet

It’s a good idea to let your vet know that you’re moving. They can provide you with medical records and a supply of medications if you need them. Also, if you’re moving further away, ask if they have any recommendations for vets in the area. Many are well-connected or might know someone from school who can point you in the direction of a potential new veterinarian.

Keep Your Pets Distracted

Pets are intelligent, and while you might think they have no idea what’s going on, any upheaval to their regular schedule can cause them to stress out. Try and keep your pets distracted or removed from watching you pack altogether. It might be worth having them spend the day at doggie daycare or with a friend to give a bit more separation while you pack.

Practice Driving Together

If you will be driving as part of your move, set up a time for a practice drive. You certainly want to make sure your pet feels comfortable enough in the car, and the morning of your move is not the time to test these waters. Smaller pets should be secured in a carrier, whereas larger dogs can be secured with a seatbelt/harness designed just for them.

Secure Your Pet Until You Arrive

I cannot tell you how many horror stories I have heard about pets having gone missing during cross-country moves. Therefore, it’s imperative that you keep your pets secured in their carriers until you are somewhere safe with the doors and windows closed and locked. This goes for pet-friendly hotels, too, that you may need to use along your journey. Your pets are going to be scared and uncomfortable with their surroundings until they get settled, so do not give them the opportunity to get away and get lost.

Ensure Their Microchips Are Updated

It’s a really good idea to make sure your pet is microchipped. Most pets that are adopted from shelters or animal rescues come with a microchip, but you need to be sure the contact information associated with their chip is up-to-date. Take a quick trip to your vet and have them scanned to see if they have one, and also see what information is returned when they are scanned. And in the event that they are not microchipped, consider getting it done. It’s painless and a great way to make sure your little buddy can make their way home in the event they get lost. 

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